By air, land and sea, our lawyers help you deliver.

As Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria sees a constant flow of goods and people both within and across its borders. Transport companies and Nigerian government leaders are continuously working to facilitate this movement, and our lawyers are there working alongside them.

Aviation Counsel and Services

Much of our aviation work revolves around assisting private airlines, private jet operators and leasing companies as they manage the many challenges they face: increasing competition, capacity issues, security concerns, climate change-related pressure, fuel costs and industry consolidation. 

We have built an outstanding reputation advising clients on these issues. Moreover, we have the proven ability to put together significant and pivotal aviation industry transactions, including:

  • Workouts and restructurings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Funding/financing
  • Leasing
  • Licensing
  • Privatisation, sales, leasebacks


We also advise public officials and government regulatory agencies on all aspects of the aviation industry.


We apply our knowledge and skill in related areas such as real estate, infrastructure and administrative law to provide counsel on the broad range of regulatory and policy issues presented in aviation.


Maritime and Shipping Expertise

Our lawyers help companies and regulators navigate the murky waters of shipping and maritime law. Entities across the industry rely on us, from freight forwarders to line agents to Nigeria’s busiest ports and marinas. 

Likewise, we advise on ports operations, maritime administration, maritime security and shipping logistics. In fact, our Lagos office is located just minutes from Tin Can Island, one of the nation’s six largest ports governed by the NPA. 

The unique business and regulatory advisory experience we have garnered over the decades allows us to handle virtually any contentious or non-contentious issue in maritime and shipping law, including:

  • Transactional matters: Port infrastructure, ship finance, cargo contracts, wayfarer contracts and other commercial contracts.
  • Disaster recovery and claim management: Cargo claims, collisions, salvage, groundings, personal injury claims, pollution and environmental disasters, and more.
  • Regulatory matters: Proposed rules and regulations; draft legislation.
  • Dispute resolution: Maritime arbitration, litigation and enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitral awards.



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