Helping companies find ways to withstand economic headwinds.  

The ground can quickly shift underneath a company in today’s volatile economy. Supply chain disruptions, sharp declines in demand or fundamental changes to operating conditions lead to distress for many businesses and growth opportunities for others. 

When the time comes to restructure, merge or file bankruptcy in Nigeria, you deserve proactive, holistic action from your legal team.


Experience Representing All Stakeholders

Our restructuring and insolvency team, led by one of the country’s most respected Silks practicing in this area of law, regularly represents all interested parties, including corporate debtors, banks, bondholders, and creditors. 

Additionally, we represent private equity funds and other entities and individuals seeking to invest in or acquire an insolvent business. 


Expertise in Distressed Mergers and Acquisitions

Our lawyers are known for their ability to advise distressed businesses and acquirers throughout the lifecycle of buying and selling assets. 

As Nigeria’s foremost law firm handling distressed mergers, we are often asked by regulatory bodies to advise on antitrust issues arising from a proposed acquisition. This interaction with regulators is evidence of our firm’s excellent reputation in the field and our knowledge of what it takes to get a transaction across the finish line. 



Handling All Aspects of Restructuring and Insolvency

Whether you are the debtor, creditor, investor or another interested party, you can rely on our skilled lawyers to handle every legal issue that may arise in matters of restructuring and insolvency in Nigeria, including:

  • Debt and asset tracing and recovery
  • Distressed debt trading
  • Executive compensation
  • Financial restructuring
  • Operational restructuring
  • Lay-offs and other employment issues
  • Formal insolvency/bankruptcy procedures, including compliance with the Companies Winding-Up Rules for limited liability companies
  • Insolvency-related investigation and dispute resolution
  • International restructuring strategy and procedures
  • Out-of-court refinancing


In handling these issues, our team draws on decades of experience in fields such as finance, corporate governance, real estate, employment law, regulatory and public law, and litigation to provide truly holistic legal services to our clients.


We approach these issues with the mindset that we are your partner, not just your law firm. Our mastery of the legal issues is unquestionable, but our approach plays just as large a role in guiding you through a distressed company transaction or dispute.


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