Guiding those who guide Nigeria’s development.

Nigeria, with its vast resources and large population, is asserting its rightful place on the world stage. Government leaders, politicians and public interest groups know the potential of the nation, and they know it will take careful policy planning to realize.

As a leading Nigerian law firm, it is our duty and privilege to assist in these policy development efforts.


Advising All Parties Interested in Nigeria’s Development

Our policy advisory group advises elected and appointed public officials at all levels of government (federal and state), regulators, ministries, agencies and departments. We also advise political parties and political committees seeking to develop platforms and strategies, as well as individual candidates for office. 

Cross-border advisory capability is valuable in today’s interconnected world. As such, we regularly advise international organizations and foreign nations seeking to provide services to Nigerians. 

Scope of Our Policy Advisory Practice

For government officials and political clients, we provide analysis and research, policy submission preparation, drafting of legislation and much more.  We regularly take up issues related to:

  • Rulemaking
  • Election policy
  • Development of regulatory regimes
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Foreign and domestic business investment
  • The environment
  • And many other topics affecting Nigeria’s growth and development
  • Legislative Drafting


For international organizations and foreign nations, we focus on helping the client understand the real Nigeria—not the Nigeria portrayed in the media. We provide perspective, research, analysis and recommendations designed to help these international clients develop sensible, effective policies that truly further their missions. 


We have particular expertise advising foreign states and entities seeking to provide economic assistance, human rights advocacy, business development and various other activities that benefit the Nigerian people.


Our Approach and Beliefs Regarding Public Policy

We are known for our commitment to putting the interests of Nigerians and Nigeria first. This has been the guiding principle of firm founder Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN, OFR for his entire career, including his term as Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice for Ondo State. All of our policy advisory efforts are geared toward strengthening Nigeria’s position on the continent and in the world.


Simply put, we are passionate about building Nigeria’s future and we are pleased to represent clients who share the same passion.


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