Leaders in representing Nigeria’s energy leaders.

Major energy companies, investors and government officials have long recognized Nigeria’s potential as an energy and power generation giant. Development of our rich conventional and renewable energy sources, however, has been hampered by infrastructure difficulties; finance, tax and regulatory questions; and lack of public/private cooperation. Our team of seasoned lawyers are leading the fight for change.   


Finding Common Ground Among Public and Private Entities

Our energy and power lawyers frequently act as intermediaries between global energy companies, investors and government bodies. We have earned an excellent reputation among sector regulators and officials within the Federal government thanks to our ongoing commitment to ongoing reforms.


We continue to work with industry and government leaders to bring stability to Nigeria’s energy sector so both private companies and Nigerian citizens may reap the economic benefits of our nation’s vast resources.

Key Power and Energy Services

We have extensive experience on a wide range of services to global companies, Nigerian entities, investors and regulators. Employing a forward-thinking approach that combines local knowledge with cross-border perspective, we advise and represent clients on high-stakes matters involving:

  • Conventional power generation
  • Renewable energy
  • Alternative energy
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Joint ventures, mergers, buyouts and other equity issues
  • Energy market reform

Facilitating complex energy and power transactions

We have the expertise to support clients at all points in the value chain, from upstream mining and extraction to midstream materials transport to downstream deliverables. 

Clients rely on us to put together transactions that encompass the entire chain:

  • Real estate and mineral rights acquisition
  • Government relations and regulatory approvals/compliance
  • Financing
  • Corporate structuring and tax issues
  • Environmental permits and compliance
  • Licensing and technology transfer
  • Employment law and immigration visas
  • Shipping/transportation
  • Refinement/delivery of the final product


Resolving Energy and Power Disputes

While our goal is to avoid disputes whenever possible, the nature of Nigeria’s energy economy occasionally produces conflict. As such, our lawyers are relied upon to litigate, mediate and arbitrate disputes as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, without breaking important relationships among parties. 

You can trust our trial lawyers to protect your rights regarding power purchase agreements, project finance disputes, royalty disputes, oil and gas pricing conflicts, construction-related lawsuits, and regulatory enforcement actions.

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