Legal support for telecommunications, media, and technology companies and regulators.

The telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) sector is critical to Nigeria’s future prosperity in an ever-changing world. Leading companies in the sector rely on us to guide them, as do Nigerian regulatory authorities. TMT is about pushing forward, and so are we.

Navigating Nigeria’s Evolving TMT Landscape

Technology is disrupting and transforming the world, and Nigeria is no exception. Governing bodies are trying to keep pace with the TMT sector’s development. Meanwhile, TMT companies seeking to do business in Nigeria need guidance on how to accomplish the objectives lawfully and in compliance with applicable rules. 

The rules, however, are still developing and evolving in this area. Our TMT lawyers provide guidance on how to navigate the evolving regulatory terrain within the ambits of legality—both current and anticipated.

We serve the industry and regulators by bringing a unique mix of technological savvy, industry knowledge and legal experience to the table. We have the resources and skill to provide advisory, transactional and litigation solutions amid Nigeria’s quickly changing landscape. 



Serving a Broad Range of TMT Clients

Regulators, regulatory bodies and corporate entities seek our lawyers’ services across a wide range of issues. We have the knowledge and resources to render advisory opinions, put together complex transactions, and resolve disputes that arise within the TMT sector. 

We apply our expertise to serve client needs regarding:

  • Broadcast, cable and satellite
  • Financial institutions and FinTech
  • Payments/digital/P2P technology
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Data and privacy
  • Semiconductors
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Cloud computing

Scope of Services

Regulatory and corporate clients trust us to handle everything from basic questions up to major mergers, acquisitions and legislative development. 

Our core telecommunications, media and technology areas include:

  • TMT transactions, including M&A
  • Commercial contracts
  • Authorizations and licensing
  • Regulatory advisory, compliance and enforcement
  • Foreign ownership issues
  • Infrastructure development, including real estate acquisition
  • Network sharing
  • Mobile network management outsourcing
  • Platform procurement for telecom operators
  • Intellectual property


Whether your TMT issues arise within or outside Nigeria’s best known commercial sites or a combination or urban and rural settings, you can rely on the expertise of our team to guide you to success.

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