We Dig Deep to Help Mining and Quarrying Clients Extract Value

While Nigeria has long been a major source of oil and gas, the nation’s huge potential as a source of precious metals, minerals and stone has gone largely untapped – until recently. The federal government is actively seeking to diversify the country’s economy through mining and quarrying. In fact, the goal is for the mining sector to account for 3 percent of GDP by 2026, which is 10 times higher than in 2020. 

Businesses recognize the significant opportunities opening up in Nigeria’s mining and quarrying sector, and our lawyers are here to facilitate their growth by providing expert legal guidance. We understand the unique issues surrounding the extraction of various materials such as tin, iron ore, gold, bitumen, gemstones, uranium, cobalt and more.

Guiding You Through Nigeria’s Mineral Rights Ownership Regime

Businesses seeking to establish mines and quarries in Nigeria quickly come to find that all exploration and mining activities require close cooperation with the government. 

This is because, under the Constitution, all mines and minerals, including oil fields, oil mining, geological surveys and natural gas are under the exclusive preserve of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Resources are therefore under the centralized ownership of the government, which has the exclusive right to grant permits to explore land, mineral deposits, and sell the extracted resources.

Whether you are seeking to establish a mine or quarry for the first time or you have operated in Nigeria before and seek new opportunities, you can trust our legal team to assist you in gaining the required rights from the government. 

Our mining and quarrying lawyers are intimately familiar with all applicable laws, including the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act of 2007 and the Land Use Act. Further, we are respected by governing bodies, including the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, the Mines Inspectorate Department and the Mining Cadastre Office.

Comprehensive Services for Mining and Quarrying Matters

Our team’s strengths include working cooperatively with all levels of government and applicable agencies, representing domestic and international mining companies, and significant industry expertise to complement our legal experience. 

As a result of these strengths, we can provide high-quality, cost-effective representation for essentially any matter that arises in mining and quarrying:

  • Establishing a mine or quarry: We have extensive experience in forming public/private partnerships, which are essential in mining and quarrying due to national ownership of natural resources. Our lawyers handle key items such as business registration, permitting, leasing, water use, and all other preliminary items necessary to open a mine or quarry.
  • Mine/quarry management: Once your right to mine or quarry is obtained, we assist with land acquisition, obtaining financing to build processing plants, managing sales and exports of the materials extracted, complying with regulatory requirements and much more.
  • Environment: Pollution is a major concern for authorities. Companies are usually expected to provide the government with plans for water management, land rehabilitation, handling of chemicals and waste disposal, among other issues. We also represent clients in lawsuits and regulatory enforcement actions regarding alleged violations of environmental laws.
  • General business needs: Like many businesses, mine and quarry operators often need legal assistance in fields such as immigration, work permits, commercial contracts, taxation and employment law. Our multidisciplinary team is fully equipped to provide counsel across all legal areas related to your business.
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