Build Your Future in Nigeria with Guidance From Our Real Estate and Construction Team

Nigeria’s economic potential continues to attract real estate developers and companies from all sectors. 


Whether you are contemplating a relatively simple construction project, orchestrating a complex series of transactions or seeking to sell an existing property, you will need legal advice from lawyers who understand every part of the property life cycle. We are those lawyers.

Working Through Nigeria’s Unique Land Ownership Regime 

Land access and title ownership in Nigeria are determined by the government. As such, real estate transactions and construction projects are intimately connected to government actors, community leaders, influential families and others. 

Land use and land management are crucially important to the nation’s security and the population’s quality of life, so developers and investors should expect to explain their goals to various regulatory authorities.

Our real estate legal team has an excellent reputation with federal, state and local officials throughout the country.
We know the subtleties and customs of multiple jurisdictions, allowing us to effectively present your interest and advocate on your behalf. 



From Major Infrastructure Projects to Individual Buildings,
We Have the Expertise You Need

Clients seek our real estate services because we have a reputation for getting approvals, making deals and following through from acquisition to leasing. 

We have been involved in a variety of successful developments, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail properties and shopping centres
  • Apartment buildings and condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Student housing
  • Affordable housing
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Office buildings
  • Medical complexes


We dot every “i” and cross every “t” in every aspect of real estate developments of all sizes:

  • Negotiating land acquisition
  • Title examinations and due diligence
  • Environmental compliance
  • Site plans and infrastructure planning
  • Taxation
  • Real estate financing
  • Leasing and leasebacks

Construction Law Representation

In addition to real estate transactions and related work, our lawyers work to advise developers, contractors and other clients on the full range of construction law issues that they may face:

  • Planning and zoning approvals
  • Construction contract negotiation, drafting and performance monitoring
  • Insurance
  • Employment law and independent contractor status
  • Litigation involving construction site injuries and fatalities
  • Construction adjudication and other dispute resolution options over issues such as warranties, defects, change orders, surety, breach of contract and more.


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