At the Vanguard of Nigeria’s Democratic Progress

Nigeria has made significant strides as a society since power transitioned from the military to a duly elected civilian leader in 1999. Human rights, press freedom and the economy have all improved, but of course, there is more work to be done. 


As Africa’s most populous country, our elected leaders face unique pressures and opportunities. It is our privilege as lawyers to represent our nation’s current and future officials.



We Are the Leader in Representing Nigeria’s Leaders

Our election law and election disputes practice is the most prominent in all of Nigeria. We have served as lead counsel for the last three presidents as well as governors of Lagos State and several other states. 

As a result of our deep experience and proven commitment to the progress of Nigerian society, we have become the law firm of choice for leaders at all levels, including:

  • The federal government, including presidents, cabinet members, senators, representatives and other federal officials.
  • The state government, including governors and deputy governors, houses of assembly, and others.

Experienced in Resolving All Types of Election Conflict

As a young democracy, Nigeria has had its share of election-related conflict, and may continue to do so as we travel the path toward a mature democratic society. With an office in the nation’s capital of Abuja and another in Lagos, our lawyers are well positioned to help resolve virtually any type election dispute, such as those involving:

  • Contested elections
  • Campaign finance issues
  • Challenges to a candidate’s qualification to appear on the ballot
  • Allegations of corruption and bribery
  • Lack of election monitoring
  • Election technology problems
  • Inter-party disputes
  • Electoral offences


Why Elected Officials Turn to Us 

Past, current and future Nigerian leaders rely on our team of lawyers for many reasons. Our legal skill is unquestionable, which is of course very important. 


We believe our status as Nigeria’s leading law firm for election disputes is due to more than our legal expertise, however. It is due to our lawyers’ genuine conviction that Nigeria can succeed as a democracy. 


We are humbled by every opportunity we have to help resolve an election dispute. Why? Because we view every dispute as a chance for the nation or a state to learn, to improve and to become the Nigeria that Africa needs—a beacon of leadership for the continent.



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