Energy and Natural Resources

Demand for energy and infrastructure assets in Nigeria is higher than ever. Investment in new projects is on the rise, as is the drive to upgrade or replace aging assets. 

Those in the energy and natural resources industry, including businesses and government actors, must navigate the complexities of conventional energy, the transition to lower-carbon energy, and the drive for renewable energy. Our seasoned legal team guides public and private clients through the intricacies of energy and natural resources law.


Sophisticated Representation for All Sector Participants

Wherever you are in the energy, natural resources and infrastructure value chain, you can turn to our team for expert legal assistance. We counsel all parties involved in the sector, including regulators/government agencies, financial institutions, investors, suppliers, manufacturers, utilities, energy traders, oil and gas operators, and much more.

How We Help

Our professionals handle all facets of transactional, regulatory, legislative and dispute resolution matters connected to energy and natural resources. We are known for finding practical, creative solutions that work for the client and the Nigerian people. Our expertise in this sector includes:

  • Mining and Quarrying: Nigeria’s mining sector is expected to grow to 3 percent of GDP by 2026, from just 0.3 percent in 2020, as officials seek to diversify from crude oil sales. We assist in everything from the procurement of mining licenses to the funding of refineries. Additionally, we regularly help clients navigate the process of obtaining mineral exploration, mining and selling rights from the federal government, which owns all mineral rights in the country.
  • Energy and Power: We regularly represent clients in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sector of the industry. Whether you operate in conventional energy, renewable energy or both, we can serve you. Services include risk evaluation, project finance, lease negotiations, regulatory due diligence, joint ventures, licenses, and more.
  • Regulation and Public Policy: All aspects of energy and natural resources are highly regulated, and our lawyers are highly involved. Whether it’s providing advisory opinions to energy regulators, helping a business gain government support for energy projects, or pushing forward major infrastructure initiatives, our team is involved at all levels.
  • Dispute Resolution: We have the proven ability to resolve serious disputes involving financial defaults;
    oil and gas pricing and production; alleged regulatory violations; environmental issues; breach of contract; and more. We have deep experience in arbitration, litigation and regulatory enforcement actions.
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