The communications industry is evolving at breakneck speed. Communication technology is changing the way business is done and the way Nigerians live. We are proud to serve as trusted legal advisors for groundbreaking companies and for government bodies as together we all navigate the fast-moving communications industry landscape.



A Cutting-Edge Law Firm for the Cutting Edge Communications Industry

Perhaps no other industry today is as cross-disciplinary as communications. Every aspect of tomorrow’s world is being influenced by fields intimately connected to communication and technology: artificial intelligence, FinTech, banking, health care, media, transportation, energy; all of these fields and many more have been disrupted. 

Complex legal and compliance issues are arising as new technologies and communication tools transform life and business. Our law firm has been staffed very intentionally to ensure that we have lawyers who are passionate about helping clients understand the transformation and achieve their goals.

As a result, our team knows what questions to ask, where to look for opportunities and pitfalls, and in general,  provide the tech-savvy counsel required by corporate clients and Regulators alike. Moreover, because the industry moves so fast, situations often arise that do not fit into neatly established legal molds. 

Our lawyers thrive in this evolving environment, providing guidance designed to help clients succeed today while preparing for possible legal changes tomorrow.

How We Help

Clients seek our expertise on a wide range of subjects related to the communications industry:


  • Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT): We are frequently called upon to produce advisory opinions, assemble complex transactions, facilitate licenses, and resolve disputes about TMT issues on behalf of companies and lawmakers. Our experience ranges from broadcast media to blockchain technology to cloud computing and beyond.
  • Intellectual Property: Companies must protect their IP from fierce competition in the communications sector. This area is full of new legal issues, such as copyright rules as applied to pieces of code, for one example. We have extensive IP experience to benefit clients in this area.
  • Public Policy and Regulation: Business leaders and public officials are deeply interconnected when it comes to the communications and tech industry. Our lawyers bring a wealth of governmental and business experience to the table to help clients navigate the current regulatory environment while preparing for future changes.
  • Real Estate and Construction: We help communications and technology companies acquire land to build data centres, cell towers and other infrastructure; buy or lease office space; acquire rights to mine precious metals and more.

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