The transportation industry is transforming Nigeria. Inside our borders, new roads and railways are connecting rural areas with cities and cities to each other. Meanwhile, numerous ports of entry make Nigeria a hub for global business. This transformation comes with challenges for businesses and state officials in areas like technology, regulation and environmental impact. Our transportation legal team helps clients navigate this dynamic industry successfully.



Land Transportation Advisory and Advocacy

Roads and railways are the unsung heroes of the Nigerian economy, moving the people and goods that drive the country’s growth. 

Our lawyers have the expertise to guide transit and logistics companies of all sizes, technology companies, investors, regulators and all other parties involved in building and maintaining these vital arteries. From traditional highways to emerging light rail systems, we assist clients who are involved in any aspect of building out the nation’s land transport systems.

We apply cross-disciplinary experience in finance, foreign investment, local investment, and public/private partnerships to structure deals that work for business, regulators and local citizens. Whether the financing involves credit facilities, concessions, or an alternative method, you can rely on us to get the deal done.

Also, our lawyers provide top-quality advice and advocacy to clients on essentially all matters stemming from land transportation, including business continuity, due diligence, insurance issues, and land acquisition.

Aviation, Maritime and Shipping

The aviation side of our transportation practice provides advice and counsel to airlines, private aviation companies, leasing companies and regulatory bodies on issues such as procurement, maintenance, licensing, passenger rights, incident response, public policy, and risk management. 

The maritime and shipping side of the practice guides clients through issues of maritime logistics and contracts; casualty, pollution and salvage; disaster recovery; regulatory compliance; commercial disputes; taxation and more.

Transportation Practice Areas

  • Corporate Law: Clients rely on our counsel on diverse issues related to contracts, mergers, leasing and financing, sales, insurance, employment and many other corporate matters that are specific to transportation or general in nature.
  • Land Use and Government: Land use is key for everything transportation-related. Our lawyers help businesses and governments work together on land deals, allocation, permit, and related issues, including land acquisition.
  • Financial Services: Airlines, shippers and land transport businesses require substantial funding. Our team is resourceful and innovative in helping clients with all project finance needs, including fleet acquisition, equipment finance, consortium funding, taxation and more.
  • Construction and Infrastructure: All transportation systems require significant infrastructure development. We are experts in Nigeria’s unique land ownership system and know how to move major construction projects forward, often by ensuring that public and private interests align and remain aligned throughout.
  • Environment: Environmental regulations are a way of life in the transportation industry. We are fully immersed in this world, often advising regulators on proposed rules and legislation, along with representing business clients seeking to comply with applicable regulations or defend against regulatory enforcement actions.
  • Dispute Resolution: Conflict resolution is one of our core services. We have decades of experience in high-stakes litigation and arbitration in the aviation, maritime and land transportation spheres, having represented numerous domestic and international clients in forums across the country. 
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