Your ally during investigations, enforcement actions and criminal prosecution.

Companies and executives face escalating investigation and prosecution risks as Nigerian authorities continue their efforts to reduce corruption, bribery and fraud in the business world. Managing these risks and defending one’s freedom and reputation requires assistance from a team of highly skilled lawyers who embrace high-stakes matters.


A blend of proactive and reactive capabilities

Nigerian and international clients seek our counsel because of our lawyers’ reputation for proactive, forward-thinking representation. We seek to avoid or mitigate problems before they arise, such as by helping companies develop effective corporate governance measures. 

However, as Nigeria’s regulatory and law enforcement attention increasingly focuses on the corporate world, there will always be a need for those accused of wrongdoing to react quickly. Our team shines under such pressure. 

We are extremely well-positioned to assess and manage investigations and allegations of unlawful behavior, manage media attention and respond effectively to any accusations. 


Powerful Defence Across the Full Spectrum of White Collar Matters 

We have successfully represented numerous public and private businesses, current and former executives, officers, boards of directors and others since our founding in 1980. Our success stems from the expertise of our white collar team, our experience representing clients in front of all Nigerian regulatory authorities, and the excellent reputation we have built with prosecutors.

You can rely on our lawyers to advise and represent your in high-stakes investigations, criminal proceedings and enforcement actions related to various forms of alleged misconduct, such as:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • Cybercrime and data breaches
  • Fraud (securities fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud, etc.)
  • Money laundering
  • Environmental law violations


Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are uniquely challenging. The intense level of scrutiny can lead to reputational damage within the company and expose high-level employees to criminal, civil and regulatory liability. 


Our team has extensive experience representing clients at all stages of internal investigations. Our frequent interaction and stellar reputation with regulators and enforcement agencies are key ingredients in protecting client interests in these matters.


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