Labour and Employment

Your people are your organization’s most valuable asset, and like all valuable assets they must be skillfully managed. Doing so requires deep knowledge of Nigerian national and local laws as well as, in many instances, an understanding of cross-border legal and cultural factors. 


At Wole Olanipekun & Co., we provide employment and labour counsel that is focused not just on the law, but on your business and its people.



Labour and Employment Counsel Across Diverse Industries

We handle employment and labour law matters for clients of all sizes and across all industries. Whether your company is internationally based and seeking to establish a presence in Nigeria or your business is based here, you can rely on our lawyers to guide you through the complex web of rules and regulations employers face.

How We Can Help

Applying decades of experience across multiple sectors, our lawyers assist employers with virtually all issues that arise in the employment and labour law arena, such as:

  • Benefits, Pensions and Human Resources: Clients turn to us on issues such as executive compensation plans, employee benefits, HR policies and procedures, grievance and discipline and much more.


  • Employment Contracts: Our expertise in commercial contracts dovetails nicely with the needs of employers regarding employment agreements, non-competes, confidentiality provisions, independent contractor status and other contractual issues.


  • Employment Termination: We advise employers on layoffs and reductions in force, facility closings, and provide defense in wrongful termination lawsuits, arbitration proceedings and other employment-related disputes.


  • Labour Management Relations: This may include union issues, contract negotiations, unfair labour practices, strike planning and response, arbitration and more.
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