Business Services

The diverse businesses operating in Nigeria, from major international companies to local corner stores, depend on the equally diverse legal skills of Wole Olanipekun & Co. to help them accomplish their goals. We bring a powerful blend of local knowledge and cross-border perspective to every matter, empowering you to carve out your place in the Nigerian business landscape.



Built to Meet Diverse Business Needs

Our firm has grown strategically over the years, concentrating on adding highly skilled experienced lawyers and talented younger associates with extraordinary potential. 

Members of our team bring unique backgrounds in business, government and law, allowing us to handle the varied issues that you face as a company. Each lawyer’s valuable perspective helps us see issues from multiple angles and deliver solutions that are holistic in nature.

How We Help

Since our founding in 1980, we have focused on delivering top-notch business counsel in a practical and cost-effective manner. We seek to add value to your bottom line by providing proactive advice to help avoid disputes whenever possible. Yet when disputes do arise, we deploy our formidable litigation skills to protect you and your company.


With significant resources and a team built to deliver excellence, we provide a wide range of legal services to our business clients:

  • Corporate Governance: From regulatory enforcement to civil lawsuits to criminal investigations, companies face numerous risks that must be mitigated. Our lawyers help businesses create sound policies, assemble boards of directors, comply with regulations and avoid crises when possible. When crisis avoidance isn’t possible, we respond quickly and forcefully.

  • Corporate and Commercial Law: Business across industries rely on us to provide counsel on creating LLCs and corporations, commercial contracts, finance, employment law and regulatory compliance.

  • Environmental Law: The environmental impact of certain business activities, such as shipping and mining, consistently draws attention from regulators and law enforcement. We assist companies with all aspects of permitting and licensing, pollution lawsuits and other civil actions, and defence in cases of regulatory enforcement or criminal prosecution.

  • Intellectual Property: IP is often one of the most valuable assets a company possesses. We help clients obtain trademark and copyright protection under Nigerian law. We also help clients enforce their IP rights in litigation and arbitration, as well as defend them against accusations of infringement.

  • Real Estate and Construction: We put deals involving the construction or acquisition of all types of commercial properties. We are experts in Nigeria’s property ownership system and can skillfully negotiate land deals, perform due diligence, ensure environmental compliance and address leasing questions.

  • Dispute Resolution: Businesses rely on our lawyers when serious disputes arise. Our dispute resolution team is perhaps Nigeria’s most accomplished, having decades of experience in all forms of commercial litigation, arbitration, mediation and other out-of-court alternatives.

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