As Nigeria’s economy and population grow, so too does the need for new construction. There are plentiful opportunities for builders to participate in everything from national infrastructure projects to private real estate developments. 


To be successful, those in the construction industry must have a legal partner who can guide them through Nigeria’s regulatory regime, land acquisition process and all other aspects of major projects.


Putting All the Pieces Together

The construction business is full of moving parts, and it is our job to help you put them together. Our lawyers apply a deep understanding of ever-changing local, national, and international economic factors to help clients plan and execute major building initiatives. 

Further, construction in Nigeria often involves satisfying complex regulatory requirements issued at various levels of government. Our experience with administrative law coupled with our lawyers’ local knowledge is invaluable in this effort, ultimately helping our clients reduce the potential for future litigation and possibly lower their insurance costs. 

Finally, Nigeria’s burgeoning economy presents opportunities for public-private partnerships (PPP) on infrastructure and building projects. Obtaining funding in a PPP arrangement can be a challenge, but our relationships with public sector leaders can help us move things along for clients’ efficiently.

How We Help

Our construction industry practice group is equipped to meet the needs of domestic and international clients including construction managers, investors, developers, contractors, government bodies and other industry players. We apply decades of real estate and infrastructure experience to deliver a range of legal services to the construction industry:

  • Real Estate and Construction: We have played integral roles in real estate developments of all types, including multi-family housing, office buildings, hotels and much more. Services include everything from negotiating land deals to site planning to project financing and leasing.
  • Environmental Law: Environmental compliance is a must on every construction site. We handle permitting, licensing, and regulatory compliance, as well as defend clients accused of violating environmental laws and rules.
  • Contracts: From beginning to completion, construction projects are governed by multiple contracts between multiple parties. We negotiate, draft and review all types of construction-related contracts, including land acquisition agreements, employment agreements, time and materials contracts, and more.
  • Insurance: We help clients anticipate construction risks and protect themselves through insurance planning, indemnification agreements and other liability issues.
  • Dispute Resolution: At times, no matter how well you plan, disputes arise. We have the skill and proven ability to resolve disputes, out of court when possible, and through litigation if necessary. Our goal is to get past the problem and put the project back on track toward completion. 
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